Corporate History

ISIMAT – from startup to company with a global reputation

1955 - 1960

The startup from the basement: In 1955 Peter Alt founds his company in a Stuttgart basement. Four years later, Alt and his two employees move to his hometown of Ellwangen. Only a year later in 1960, the first production building and offices are built.

1995 - 2000

Exploiting each and every potential: Peter Detzner takes over ISIMAT in 1995, when the company has nine employees, and turns the nonincorporated firm into a limited liability corporation. Technical innovations in mechanical engineering, process and control technology as well as automation solutions are put to use in the development of new kinds of screen printing machine.


Continued growth and expansion: In sales through new employees and cooperation with international sales partners. In operations by increasing production floor space to over 10,700 sq.ft. and office space by 3000 sq.ft.  ISIMAT conquers the global market and becomes market leader in the field of tube printing.

2007 - 2010

Innovative milestones: The launch of the new 7-color RS7480 screen printing machine for hollow glass containers in 2007, hotly followed two years later by the launch of the new TH8130 hybrid printing machine with screen and flexo printing for extruded tubes and sleeves.


Prize winner: The state of Baden-Württemberg awards ISIMAT an innovation prize for its innovative tube printing technology that makes use of the DRP system.


Another breakthrough: Launch of the patented inLINE FOILING® decoration process in cooperation with the KURZ Group


Securing the future: In July, ISIMAT becomes part of the KURZ Group based in Fürth/Germany, which operates as a global specialist for print finishing solutions and employs a workforce of 5,000. 


Keep moving forward: ISIMAT launches its new I series for printing on glass and plastic containers.


Digital Solutions: At the trade fair K-2019, ISIMAT presented the unique IDD- process (Indirect Digital Decoration) for the very first time.


Further development: ISIMAT is further developing the established inLINE FOILING® and now offers the option of metallizing conical items with the conical inLINE FOILING®.