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Profit from the digital edge

Flexibility, time and cost - these are the three factors that increasingly determine the success of projects in your industry. This is reason enough to focus on digital printing in your process portfolio in the future. To enable you to meet current and future decoration requirements with even greater flexibility, we have thought ahead and developed highly efficient digital solutions for our tube- and hollowware decoration series.

DiF – Digital inLINE FOILING

for a perfect 360° metallization

For the first time, the new DiF process now also allows 360° metallization to be applied to cylindrical articles. This further development of the inLINE FOILING®, differs in that the adhesive is not pre-printed with screen-printing, but it is applied directly within transfer unit using digital printing technology. In this way, metallized full-wrap decorations can be achieved. In addition, now we have an additional printing unit available because the screen-printing station is no longer required for applying the adhesive. The other available printing unit can be used for any other decoration technology.

For more information about digital printing, please visit this link.

IDD - Indirect Digital Decoration

Digital and individual finishing

IDD combines the proven advantages of our high-performance printing machines with the benefits of digital printing. The technological principle of our modular ISIMAT solution consists of two units. Inside the digital printing module, a transfer foil is printed with the individual artwork. The second unit, the transfer module, is integrated into the machine. It ensures that the artwork is transferred to the substrate in perfect alignment. The transferred print image can, for example, be transferred to a blanc article or to an already metallized print image. Synergies with other printing processes, such as inLINE FOILING® or screen-printing, thus enable unprecedented finishing possibilities.  

Direct Digital Printing

In order to meet the requirements of digital printing also on complex hollowware such as drinking glasses or bottles, we have developed a second digital printing process. With direct digital printing, the product is decorated directly using a digital print head. You can benefit from the modular design and the flexibility that the digital printing process allows, too.