About us

Visionary packaging design with printing machine technology from global market leader ISIMAT

When it comes to designing and printing complex and three-dimensional packaging made of glass and plastic, ISIMAT’s high-performance printing machines enable groundbreaking innovations time and again.

What’s more, ISIMAT serves the full range of printing technologies from screen printing to flexo printing, hot stamping and digital printing. And add to that finishing with metallic decors, all unified in a single machine with the unique and patented inLINE FOILING® process. On top of that, the company is global market leader in the printing of tubes.


Corporate Philosophy

We at ISIMAT are very consistent. And very flexible

Flexibility and consistency. We see no contradiction in this. It’s precisely these strengths that we use to systematically expand our outstanding position in the world market.


Corporate History

ISIMAT – from startup to company with a global reputation

Today, ISIMAT is known worldwide for its superior engineering skills in the field of innovative printing machines for all printing technologies. And as a member of the Leonhard KURZ Group, we’re pursuing and enjoying wide-reaching success. Our founder, Peter Alt, was a Swabian innovator, inventor – what is now called a techie – but also a man of action. He founded his company in a basement in Stuttgart – a genuine startup. Peter Detzner took over in 1995 and has since taken ISIMAT’s corporate story to a new dimension.


The Management

Team success, inventiveness and assertiveness

ISIMAT is on a global path to success with its constant development of new machine technologies for printing on glass, plastic and tube packaging. This positive trend is to be continued and reinforced through further innovative developments. To achieve this, the company’s management puts its trust in its experienced and highly motivated team of employees.


ISIMAT – a KURZ Company

ISIMAT and the KURZ Group – a perfect symbiosis for even greater functionality and attractiveness in packaging

In July 2017, ISIMAT officially became part of the KURZ Group. This step was preceded by a long-standing technology partnership. ISIMAT and Leonhard KURZ jointly launched the innovative inLINE FOILING® decoration process onto the market. As a specialist for decorative and functional coatings, KURZ has developed the film technology, ISIMAT the machine technology.