Training at ISIMAT

To learn a lot in an international environment, to be creative – and to be allowed, indeed encouraged, to develop ideas, to be involved right from the start, to have an exciting career ahead of you. These are the ingredients that go into training at ISIMAT. .

“I began my training as an industrial clerk at ISIMAT in September 2017. I think it’s great that as trainees we were immediately assigned our own project, which we were then able to implement fully in line with our own ideas.”
– Andrea Abele

ISIMAT offers apprenticeships and training positions in the following fields:

  • Industrial mechanics (specializing in mechanical and plant engineering)
  • Electronics (industrial engineering)
  • Industrial clerking

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Training at ISIMAT

Apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic (m/f/d), specializing in mechanical and plant engineering

A one-year course in metalworking at the vocational school in Ellwangen is prerequisite and is fully credited as part of the 3 1/2-year training period. This will then be followed by 2 1/2 years of training at ISIMAT.

Training content (among other things):

  • Evaluating material properties, selecting materials to match their use
  • Manufacturing workpieces and components
  • Using control technology
  • Ensuring the operability of machines and systems
  • Maintaining, inspecting and repairing machines and systems

Specialization in the field of mechanical and plant engineering

Apprenticeship as an electronics technician (m/f/d) for industrial engineering

Up to the point of the interim examination, this apprenticeship is conducted in cooperation with a partner company, while maintaining close and regular contact with ISIMAT

Training content (among other things):

  • Planning workflows, prioritizing deviations from plans
  • Assembling and dismantling assemblies
  • Modifying parts by machining
  • Calculating and measuring electrical quantities
  • Checking and evaluating the operation of control systems
  • Selecting hardware and software components
  • Integrating IT systems
  • Assessing industrial engineering systems
  • Drafting plant modifications
  • Designing electrical circuits and protective measures

Specialization in the field of industrial engineering

Training as an industrial clerk (m/f/d)

This vocational training follows the dual system model

Training content (among other things):

  • Determining the level of demand for products and services
  • Recording and monitoring costs
  • Using cost planning and control tools
  • Organizing personnel management
  • Maintaining inventory and profit and loss accounts
  • Handling payment and dunning processes

ISIMAT offers a range of internships and discovery days for school and university students.

The following information must be provided when applying:

  • Period of the internship
  • Career aspiration
  • Desired deployment
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Copies of certificates