Tubes and sleeves, the flexible all-rounders

Extruded tubes and sleeves may seem simple in appearance. But behind their simple form, they hide enormous versatility. As flexible and cost-effective all-rounders among product packaging, they are highly valued by manufacturers and consumers. In order to fully exploit their, it is important to understand the complexity of the tube and at the same time translate it into individual and comprehensive decoration solutions - such as ISIMAT

It is your choice! The TH9 features high flexibility via integration of different printing technologies like screen-printing, flexo-printing, inLINE FOILING®, digital-printing or varnishing. The TD Series increases production output, since it is double use and the TS6 is the right choice for efficient screen-printing.

Outstanding! Also, for the TD7 we adapted the patented inLINE FOILING® system in order to use it in double use. This system will be included into the decoration process as an independent unit and it works with very low pressure and without heat and it is the efficient response to complex decoration requirements. If putting a durable, high quality finish on tubes and sleeves has been a challenge, inLINE FOILING® now does the trick.

The kissprint for your tube! Dynamic roller positioning makes high quality flexo printing on plastic tubes and sleeves possible by virtually eliminating the negative effect of mandrel runout on flexo print quality. Mandrels hold tubes on their way through a tube printing machine, and even the mandrels’ small run-out is enough to vary the gap between mandrels and flexo plates while the mandrels rotate.

A varying gap width causes the printing pressure to vary: some dots might get squashed; others might only be partially printed. A DRP-System moves the flexo printing rollers in each flexo printing station in such a way that during printing the gaps between flexo plate rollers and mandrels are kept constant.

Time is money! ISIMAT is aware about this situation and hence minimized the set-up times for the machines. With the unique quick-change system, you can quickly and easily change the SHx-mandrels.