Plastic, the material for all purposes

Plastic is the versatile companion in today’s world. As a marketing message on the packaging stays with the consumer until the product is used up.

It is your choice! Our I-Series and R-Series are suitable for the decoration of plastic container. Nevertheless if 4, 6 or 8 colors – select the right solution for your product.

Outstanding! The patented decoration process inLINE FOILING® will be included into the decoration process as an independent unit. It works with very low pressure and without heat and it is the efficient response to complex decoration requirements. If putting a durable, high quality finish on cylindrical plastic hollow articles has been a challenge, inLINE FOILING® now does the trick.

Complex? Not for us! The printing movements in a printing station of an ISIMAT printing machine are independent from the printing movements in the other printing stations. This enables printers to substantially improve print quality and enlarge image area when printing onto complex shaped items.

Easy orientation! Items orientation determines the correct angular positions of the items for printing images precisely in the correct areas. A camera-based orientation system is an option when items are without sensor-detectable features on side walls.