Glass – The special material

Glass is considered to be the ideal material for the packaging of premium materials. We support you with high-tech machine solutions, which is suitable for your individual requirements. And we include top-notch support service – from conceptual design to process operation.

It is your choice! Our I-Series and R-Series are suitable for the decoration of glass container. Nevertheless if 4, 6 or 8 colors – select the right solution for your product.

Outstanding! The patented decoration process inLINE FOILING® will be included into the decoration process as an independent unit. It works with very low pressure and without heat and it is the efficient response to complex decoration requirements. If putting a durable, high quality finish on cylindrical hollow articles of glass has been a challenge, inLINE FOILING® now does the trick.

Print tight corners very simple! An advanced motion controller synchronizes four servo axes in each printing station. Individual movements depend on the contours of the cross sections of the printing areas. Contours can be different in different printing stations.

Perfectly prepared! The patented UVitro® surface treatment ensures lasting adhesion of UV inks to glass. Glass items move through an UVitro® surface treatment machine on their way to a screen-printing machine.